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Continuing Education

Continuing EducationContinuing education is getting a lot more focus in the Emory DPT program these days. Jenifer L. Breshears Markley, PT, DPT, was recently brought on board as an assistant director of continuing education and charged with increasing the consistency and frequency of the offerings.

“We strive to meet the professional development needs of the Emory rehabilitation community, as well as those therapists that serve as our PT students' clinical instructors and, finally, therapists in the community at large,” says Markley. “To this end, we have larger, 1-2 day courses that are advertised regionally and nationally and consist of topics that should be of interest to therapists within the Nation or Southeastern region.

“However, we also offer smaller courses that are offered primarily to Emory employees or Emory PT clinical instructors, as a tangible way in which we can show them our appreciation for the support that they dedicate to our PT School and its students,” she continues. “We are committed to ‘giving back’ to those entities and individuals who give so much to us by way of knowledge, instruction, time or resources, and free and/or inexpensive professional development opportunities are a way to do so.”

Markley is in the process of re-designing the continuing education web page. When it is completed this summer, it will include a calendar of all the course offerings, online registration and payment options and also general information for guests visiting the campus. “Within the next couple of years, we hope to start offering online or web-based classes in addition to our live courses,” she says.

Continuing EducationUntil the new web page is up, you can read about upcoming offerings right here. On April 18th, there will be a two-hour "Yoga in the Treatment of Low Back Pain: Evidence Based Practice," which was primarily advertised to Emory Healthcare therapists and filled to capacity within a week. On June 29th, there will be a seven-hour course on biomechanics and gait analysis that is being instructed by five members of Emory’s PT faculty and will be offered to therapists throughout the state. And this Fall, there will be a nationally advertised, two-day symposium in collaboration with the APTA, "Exploring the Role of Physical Therapy in the Treatment and Prevention of Childhood Obesity: Clinical Practice, Educational Curriculum and Research Agendas," as well as a four-hour PT ethics and jurisprudence course. For details on these courses, as well as courses not listed above, please email Jenifer Markley at or call (404) 712-8796 and you can be added to the Continuing Education mailing list.

Markley earned her Masters in Physical Therapy from Emory in 2000. After graduating, Markley worked with Steven L. Wolf, PhD, and Sarah Blanton, DPT, on stroke rehabilitation trials. “I continued working with them off and on for about 13 years,” she says. “That’s how I heard about the continuing education position.”

At the time, Markley was working as a physical therapist in the school system. “I found over the years that of all the different ‘hats’ that I wore as a physical therapist, the one I enjoyed the most was one of patient or caregiver educator,” she says. “I felt that my ability to impart knowledge was the most effective in empowering my patients, no matter their age, to reach their greatest potential and to have the skills to problem-solve through the issues that would arise outside of my clinic door. I am passionate about patient education, and so leaving that role as a clinician and stepping into one that actively creates a learning environment for my professional colleagues, who can then pass that along to their patients, feels very natural and in line with my own beliefs as to what should be happening within a therapist-patient relationship. I would hope that an attendee to one of our courses would leave with new and creative ideas, take those back into his or her practice setting and begin the process of sharing that information with other therapists, patients and caregivers, creating his or her own teaching or learning environment, widening the circle of knowledge and, hopefully, achieving the best outcomes for and, more importantly, with the patient.”

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