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Faculty Clinical Practice

clinical practiceThe Emory DPT faculty clinical practice, Emory Physical Therapy and Wellness, is expanding to include a cancer rehabilitation component. “We started offering this in January,” says Elizabeth Frierson, PT, DPT, OCS, CLT, clinical director of the clinic. “We have therapists here who can improve any physical impairment and reduce any pain resulting from cancer treatments, such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.”

Therapists conduct comprehensive evaluations to identify any strength, endurance or range of motion deficits that could be affecting quality of life. “The ultimate goal of cancer rehabilitation is to improve the well-being and long term function of the patient,” says Frierson.

Emory Physical Therapy and Wellness offers cancer rehabilitation services as well as other advanced and specialized physical therapy services to the Emory and Greater Atlanta communities. This clinic was established in 2006 as part of The Emory Clinic by Division of Physical Therapy faculty members and clinicians. Six DPT faculty members currently offer their services at the clinic.

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