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Spring 2013 Contents

  • Student News
    First-year DPT student Katherine Voorhorst was appointed to chair the joint honor council for several of Emory’s health care professional schools.
  • Faculty News
    Manning J. Sabatier, PhD, CSCS, joined the Emory DPT staff in August, 2012, as an assistant professor.
  • Research News
    If you’ve ever worked out too hard, you understand that the pain of temporary muscle damage is the price you pay. If you are not fit, or if your muscles are very weak to begin with, the threshold for that damage may be very low. Manning J. Sabatier, PhD, CSCS, wants to understand how such injury affects the ability to activate skeletal muscles.
  • Clinical Practice
    The Emory DPT faculty clinical practice, Emory Physical Therapy and Wellness, is expanding to include a cancer rehabilitation component.
  • Service Learning and Volunteerism
    Last year eight Emory DPT students ventured to the Dominican Republic to provide educational workshops, perform home visits and train local providers in basic physical therapy techniques.
  • Dual-Degree Programs
    The most recent students to take advantage of Emory’s unique dual degree offerings are Christine Pieton, who is working toward her DPT/MBA, and Lilly Webster, who will earn a DPT/MPH.
  • Alumni
    Emory DPT alumni are committed to giving back to their community and their alma mater. Just ask Jill Cannoy, PT, DPT, and Lisa M. Resutek PT, DPT, ATC.
  • Continuing Education
    Continuing education is getting a lot more focus in the Emory DPT program these days. Jenifer L. Breshears Markley, PT, DPT, was recently brought on board as an assistant director of continuing education and charged with increasing the consistency and frequency of the offerings.
  • Clinical Education
    Before earning their degrees, Emory DPT students must complete 36 weeks of full-time clinical internship at sites which represent the diverse environments in which physical therapists practice.
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