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Faculty Clinical Practice

Rob Reising, DPT ’10, and Sara Knight, DPT ’10, are the first two DPT graduates to enter the new orthopedics residency. “We’re just getting underway, but it’s going well,” says Kathleen Geist, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT, assistant professor and head of the orthopedic residency program. “They started out with a diagnostic imaging course for physical therapists, and they shadowed a musculoskeletal radiologist.”

Reising and Knight will spend the coming year taking classes, working in a clinic and being mentored by orthopedic specialists. At the end of their year in the residency program, the students will sit for their orthopedic boards, and if they pass, will earn an OCS (orthopedic clinical specialist) from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialites.

The residency is part of a trend toward urging DPTs to specialize in different clinical areas as a way to promote the growth of the profession. “When patients are referred to outpatient practices, it’s very valuable to have a person there who has a clinical level of expertise in orthopedics,” says Geist. “It will improve outcomes for patients and give graduates of the program greater opportunities.”

Reising is looking forward to just such opportunities. “This is a new thing for the physical therapy profession, and I was excited to be one of the first residents Emory has had,” says Reising, who currently practices at Woodstock Physical Therapy and Performance Institute. “I knew I wanted to specialize in orthopedics, and I’ll learn a lot more through this residency program than just going out and starting to practice. And it is something that I want to have on my resume.”

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